In one of the historical parts of Kiev, on the Zverinitskiy hills in 2014 began the construction of one of the most unique banquet halls in Ukraine – Regent Hill.
Inspired by the architecture of romanticism and classicism, architects projected a building with decor elements made of classic natural materials.
Thanks to involved best events organizators, Regent Hill was designed taking into considertion the most original ideas. Thus, thanks to an open ten-meter ceiling the ergonomics of space, acoustic correction and technical possibility of suspensions were into account in the whole Grand Hall.
The unique technologies were used in Regent Hill for for the first time in Ukraine. The first five-meter Bio- fireplace in Ukraine, 100 m2 bronzed mirrors with handmade tracery and five-meter chandelier uniting the floors of the banquet hall are also the reasons to be pride of.


Regent Hill welcomes guests with a five-meter crystal chandelier that radiates festive mood and eight-meter green wall that will intrigue your event guests. There is also a wardrobe up for 800 visitors in the lobby.
Having used marble stairs or an elevator people turn out to be in a Fireplace Hall that is an example of high level comfort and exceptional luxury. The Hall is divided into two spaces: Lounge and Cocktail.
In Lounge area guests can relax on the upholstered furniture near the French windows with beautiful views of Kiev or enjoy a soft light and warmth at the Bio chimney-corner.
Cocktail area can be filled with necessary furniture according to the format of the event. This zone comfortably accommodate up to 450 guests ain a cocktail format and up to 90 people in banquet. The decoration of this room consists of elite, high-quality breeds of marble and wood. Refined interior emphasizes the high status of the event.
Fireplace hall is connected with Great Hall and guests can easily go through the corridor dotted with crystal sconces. Manufacturability of Great Hall provides any ideas in decoration and artistic content. Flying acrobats, enormous screens… everything you want to see in the air and hear from everythere. It accommodates up to 280 people seated banquet or 500 people theater.
Great Hall is decorated with functional panels not only providing the original texture of the walls but also carring sound correction. The walls are featured with interactive diode backligh that allows to realize various ideas of light shows and illuminating in reality. The ergonomics of the space was implemented in a way to place the technical area on the balconies which is very important for the guests’ comfort.
Five-meter bronzed mirrors, ten-meter ceilings and fluffy chandeliers wake up your imagination.

Our advantages

The halls can accommodate up to 900 people

Perfect room acoustics

Possibility of car suspension

20 000 options for color filling the hall

The biggest in Kiev welcome hall

Five-meter biofireplane

View the layout of the Fireplace Room

General Hall planning
Banquet format
Theather format

View the layout of the Great Hall

General Hall planning
Banquet format
Theather format